If you are looking for a hillside destination, then Kashmir is the place which you can bank upon. It is quite serene and heavenly, and offers some of the most hypnotic lakes and viewpoints to the happiness-starved souls.

Here are the top 8 reasons why a Kashmir tour package should be in your mind:

1. Dal Lake: One of the prime reasons why you should get drawn to Kashmir is its cool entourage of lakes. While there are many great lakes in this state, the one which will really win your heart is the Dal Lake. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kashmir and is a must-visit for any visitor. One can take a shikara ride over this water body and savor some pleasant hours on the boat. The twilight time is the best time to enjoy those houseboat rides.

2. Mughal Gardens: Kashmir has some fantastic gardens which were conceptualized by Mughal rulers. One of the best examples is the Shalimar Bagh which is really enamoring in design. Another garden which is equally beautiful is the Nishat Bagh. The entry fee to these historic gardens is very nominal. One can have a delightful time at these green zones.

3. Shrines and Temples: Kashmir is also home to some religious sites. There are many temples and shrines which can be visited alongside your trip. One great attraction is the Shakaracharya Temple. Amarnath Cave is another popular religious attraction which draws pilgrims in huge numbers. Amarnath Yatra is open for tourists throughout the summer season.

4. Food: Kashmir’s local food and cuisines will make you smatter your mouth. Kashmir holiday package would take you to many small inns and eateries at Sonmarg and Gulmarg. You are bound to come across some local dishes.

5. Adventure Sports: If you happen to visit the state during winter, then you are in for some special adventure sports. Gulmarg is one of the best places to dig into mounds of snow. In Kashmir, one can try his hand on a number of hillside sports like skiing, skating and horse riding.

6. Mosques: If you love to check out mosques, then this state has got some really great ones. The biggest and the most popular one is Jama Masjid. It is also one of the key Kashmir attractions.

7. Serenity: One main reason why you should come over to Kashmir is its serene valleys. Quite often, we get frustrated with our routine schedules and the chaotic bustle which take place in our metro cities. To kill the malaise of prosaic life, it is recommended that you experience the tranquil beauty of this hill town. Himalaya is indeed poetry, and only a trip to this place can make you realize its true essence.

8. Ladakh: If you need another reason why to visit Kashmir, then the answer lies in Ladakh. This cold hill station is the best adventure holiday destination and has, of late been the shooting locale for many Bollywood films.